Aphex Twin In Leamington Spa!

If you’ve ever seen Chris Cunningham’s nightmarish video for the Aphex Twin track Come To Daddy, you’ll have been left feeling a little less comfortable with the world than you were beforehand. Feral schoolchildren running around wearing Aphex Twin masks are just a part of the horror, but a particularly unsettling part at that.

There has been much press of late regarding Richard D. James’ 13 year absence from our ear lugs, culminating in the recent release of new triple-album Syro. But that’s not the only thing he’s been up to. At some point he’s clearly been hanging about in Leamington Spa. Check out this little scene that I spotted in Google Street View a while back. And be afraid. Be very afraid…

Aphex Twin Come to Daddy Google Street View Leamington Spa
You can check the street view out for yourself here. Just keep Granny safe and watch out for any eight foot tall screaming demons lurking in the shadows.